A Hippie on Vietnam

"...better to live out one's own absurdity than to die for that of others..." -- Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man


You suck

The gun, conformity's child,

Marching off to where,

And try to yank

Me with you.

But, man, there's a draft

In here,

And I ain't about to spread

Your Death-

Of-a-Cold, daddy.


I've got planes to fly in my brains,

And trains to drive in my veins;

Got junk to flush through my trunk,

And mud to swirl through my blood;

Colors to blow your mind,

Speed to leave you behind.


I've got seeds to chew,

And glue to sniff,

Buttons to pop,

And acid to drop.


I've got beans to stuff up my nose,

And three lids of grass in my toes,

And I'm a mighty fine rose.


Get found!


                                                                                                    (Bellingham, Wa.: April 1967)


                                                                              From The Bellingham Poems: Goliards Press, 1973