Song of Non-Enlightenment



I'm not enlightened, 

I just know a few things. 


I know that if you look in a mirror

And see yourself,

You're mistaken.


I know that if you run fast,

You'll get ahead of yourself.


I know that if you look directly into the light,

You're not ready.


I know that if you think you can fly,

You are.


I know that if you're cautious,

You'll go far --

But not far enough. 


I know that if you're wild and crazy,

You need to.


I know that right angles do not always meet



I know that if your heart is open,

Your eyes are.


I know that helping others

Is a good prescription.


I know that spiritual masters are fakes --

And they know it, too,

Which is what gives them their authority. 


I know that if you're aware of the blessing,

You're not really here.


I know that my body helps me understand.


I know that laughter is light.


I know that love doesn't make the world go around.

It is the world.


I know that hate feels good,

Really good...


I know that 2 + 2 doesn't equal four.


I know that poetry is map-making. 


I know that marriage is a prison

And that the convicts are free.


I know that joy is the best medicine

Even when there is no evident disease.


I know that learning is painful.


I know that everything is skin:



I know that some people are annuals and some perennials.


I know that not enough can kill you 

And too much can make you sick.


I know that fantasy,

Like reality,

Is a crutch.


I know that babies are sacs of becoming,

Moving from pure Are.


I know that fear is a juice worth drinking.


I know that writing is a way in.


I know that anything is a way in.


I know that the truly enlightened understand the All.

(I'm not even on the outskirts of the particle.)


I am not enlightened,

I just know a few things.


I know that as long as I can keep this list going, 

I'm heading in the right direction.


I know that I need to change direction.

                                                                                          (Santa Cruz, CA.: October 1991)


                                      from "Songs of Non-Enlightenment" (Transformation Press, 1995)